The Sky The Well (2021) is a collection of writings and paintings around violence, empathy and the erotic. The book has 40 pages and 20 hand-bound physical copies.

The first story “The Sky in The Well” is a series of nine vignettes told from the interchanging perspectives of a young factory worker and his middle-school niece. Part of Wave Art Collective’s book The New Normal, the story documents the escalation of domestic violence during the pandemic.

Told by an ESL student, a bath bomb factory employee, and a wandering NEET, Ravine (2021) is a collection of short stories, poems, and photos that unravel with the joys of the changing seasons. 

The book has 46 pages and 20 hand-bound physical copies. Inside each envelope-cover is a short story pamphlet and stickers that can be used in the book.